Let Our AI-Driven SDR Supercharge Your Sales Pipeline

No Demands for Bonuses or Pay Raises
Unlike human counterparts, it never asks for bonuses or salary increases.
Five Times the Productivity, One-Fifth the Salary
It can work as effectively as five individuals at just a fraction of the cost.
Data Security Guaranteed
Unwavering Motivation
You can trust that your CRM database is safe. Our SDR won't steal it or use it elsewhere.
Always motivated and operating at peak efficiency.

How it works

Collextr SDR-Mate: Constant Self-Improvement

Our SDR-Mate constantly improves by analyzing work results and gathering feedback in a convenient manner.

Ask Anything, Anytime, or Use a Tailored Interface

Seamless Integration
Your SDR-Mate can be available in your Slack, ready to receive additional instructions or answer any questions.
Full Control
Alternatively, if you prefer full control or want to verify specific actions, use our user-friendly interface, familiar to everyone.
Outperform with Human+AI Integration
The sales landscape has evolved – only the integration of Human+AI ensures you don't just compete, but lead.