with your next AI-worker

Are you looking to scale your business with less hassle? Look no further!
Collextr empowers you to hire best-in-class digital employees, all developed with the unique expertise of top industry professionals – and it won't break the bank.

Introducing AI-Workers: Your Digital Workforce

AI-workers are complex software entities to produce, but they are incredibly easy to use. They're designed to autonomously execute complete work processes, leveraging a wide array of skills and tapping into the digitized wisdom of experts and AI systems.
For the sake of simplicity, we affectionately refer to them as MATEs – Mentored AI Task Executors.

The Origin of Digital Employees

That's why each digital employee is mentored by a real industry executive or legend, bringing their knowledge and expertise to the table.
It's like having a 10,000-hour expert working for you at a fraction of cost
Our dedicated team works tirelessly day and night to deliver everything you need – software, integration, AI/ML services, infrastructure, UI, BI, security, monitoring, and more.
We understand that achieving results that are just "average" doesn't cut it in today's competitive landscape. We're here to help you outperform your competitors.
Creating a skilled digital employee isn't a walk in the park. A mere GPT wrapper won't cut it for us.
Our primary mission is to provide a consistent and effective service tailored to your specific field.
We recognize that unique skills yield unique results.
We're all about crafting AI-workers that excel at handling tasks involving both structured and unstructured data.

Here's how your AI workmate becomes your invaluable partner

Your Collextr AI-employee starts by learning about your business and conducting its own research, typically within 10 minutes.
Getting Acquainted
Your new teammate will inquire about your goals and the specific tasks at hand. If there are missing pieces of information, Mate will ask clarifying questions or suggest options.
Setting Goals
Your AI workmate is tireless and highly motivated, always striving to enhance its efficiency. You can set limits on the number of tasks it performs within a certain time frame or add special conditions to give it a break.
If your company has distinctive elements, such as unique greetings or a specific tone of voice that sets you apart, just let us know, and Mate will follow suit.
Your Unique Touch
Congratulations, you're all set! Mate gets to work, considering all the information and inputs. You'll receive notifications when your approval is needed for specific steps or when all tasks for the designated period are ready.
Action Time

What’s the difference from other types of services

Industry Expertise
Your expert-based AI-employee benefits from real industry experts, ensuring domain-specific knowledge and performance.
It offers extensive customization options to meet specific business needs.
Outperforms GPT wrappers and delivers consistent results.
Unstructured Data
Excels at handling unstructured data, crucial for various tasks.
Easily integrates into existing workflows and systems.
Can scale up or down as needed for your business.
Offers personalized interactions and tasks.
Expert Mentoring
Benefits from guidance by industry experts, ensuring high-quality work.
Offers competitive pricing while delivering superior performance.
Quickly deploys with minimal setup time compared to custom software.
Expert-Based AI-Employee
GPT Wrapper
Custom Software